The second season of ‘The Family Man’ carried immense expectations after the resounding success of its previous season. Kudos to the creators & writers of the show, Raj & DK, for at last creating a homegrown espionage-action-thriller web series for the Indian audience. The Family Man stars Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant Tiwari – a common man who seems to live a regular middle class life but is actually an agent thwarting terrorist activities. 

This season has nine episodes in total and is an extension of the previous one. It begins with a flashback from Sri Lanka where we see the Sri Lankan rebel group being hunted down by the government – a short glimpse at what’s to come ahead. In the present we see Srikant Tiwari struggling at his new job at an IT firm and also with his family. His wife Suchitra, played by Priyamani, is seeing a therapist where they eventually seek couple counselling as well.  However Srikant is soon fed up with the banality of this life and joins TASC again where he is tasked to thwart the plans of the rebel group as they threaten India’s national security. In a parallel storyline we see the previous seasons’ antagonists, Sajid & Sameer, return. 

The new season has you hooked from the first episode itself. The season starts slow but as the story progresses, well written characters – old & new – get you hooked. The comic tinge that was much appreciated in the first season is thankfully not lost here as well. The most hilarious part of the series remains the effortless cussing that Manoj Bajpayee engages in as Sri. The actor, like in the last season, is a treat to watch and you are left in awe of the sheer talent the man possesses. 

The show has a brilliantly cast with actors like Shahab Ali, Dalip Tahil, Pawan Chopra, Sharad Kelkar, Sunny Hinduja and Shreya Dhanwanthary among others. The second season also stars the popular South Indian actor Samantha Akkineni as the antagonist Raji. It is amazing to watch this ensemble cast create magic on screen. 

Although the second season is a lot like the first one, there are still some differences. For example, the second instalment gives more screen time to Srikant’s family and their own stories. There is also more exploration of Srikant’s relationships with the other characters like his bond with his friend JK. Unlike the first season in which Srikant is seen as a very resilient character, here we see him lose control, give into emotions and have him be exposed and vulnerable. Even the writing seems more mature with shades of grey given its due place rather than everything being black or white. The best example of this would be the character of Raji the antagonist, who is written as a complex character, only elevated by Samantha’s powerful performance. 

This season leaves you wanting more with its excellent writing, direction and stunning cinematography. In fact, cinematographer Cameron Eric Bryson was roped in to shoot this season and it’s a treat to watch his work! 

The Family Man Season 2 is dark yet funny, anxiety inducing yet entertaining; it brims with chaos. It does have loose ends – some unnecessary scenes and even unattended subplots – but it is still worth a watch for its brilliant writing, direction & performances. However viewers who have a hard time stomaching gore & violence, please remember this show is full of it. As for us, we are definitely waiting for season 3! 

The Family Man Season 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime India. 

PS – Don’t forget to watch the end credit scene! 


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