To have a film like Baazaar in dire capitalist times like today, is both exciting and terrifying. The film is about a corporate giant, Shakun Kothari (Saif Ali Khan), a Gujarati-Jain businessman who wants to take over the country with his company. All he cares about is profit and solely thinks for and with money. Then we get introduced to Rizwan Ahmed (Rohan Mehra), a small town boy in the big city with big dreams of working with Shakun. We see how smart he is and how intelligently he tries to make his way up. Along with them there is Radhika Apte and Chitrangada Singh who are clearly a huge part of both their lives. The theme is similar to what Wolf of Wall Street was but with probably less fun and games and more of a race to the top.

The trailer looks promising. It shows how crude corporate giants could be and it shows how hard big dreamers have to work to reach anywhere close to the giants. I personally cannot wait to watch this film and revamp my opinions on capitalism, I am although guessing that it would just fuel my rage towards it rather than simmering it down. It looks like an extensively realistic film. You have great performers showcasing. Bollywood has taken a huge turn from what it was to what it is today.

Great is what expect from Emmay anyway. Directed by Gauravv Chawla, with a promising cast, introducing Rohan Mehra. Releasing on the 26th of October!

Watch the trailer here –


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