The trailer of Photograph has released and we can’t stop the feels!!

After Lunchbox, Photograph looks like is another impactful film by Ritesh Batra on two strangers from different backgrounds and the relationship they develop.

The trailer starts with Rafi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) asking Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) to get her picture clicked at Gateway of India in Mumbai.She is resistant at first but then he beings to describe how she would see the photograph someday and the sun would shine the same way on her face, the wind would blow the same way at her hair. She agrees and there begins a unique story.

Miloni is a bright young girl who is pursuing CA as her career. But she doesn’t seem content about how things are going on in her life. There is some void which doesn’t seem to let her be happy. She remains lost and confused till she meets Rafi. On the other hand, Rafi doesn’t make much money from his photography.He seems to be a quiet box filled millions of worries, fears and secrets. As is there weren’t enough on his mind, his grand mother begins to pressurize him to get married.

Rafi asks Miloni to act as his girlfriend by giving her the first picture he had clicked of her. She plays along for some reason. But during this journey, they develop a special and soulful relationship… Is it love or is it not? And what does life have in store for them ahead?

The trailer of Photograph has already touched some veiled sentiments and has done so without revealing much about the storyline.

Visuals always have a way of getting into our heads more than words. What everlasting visual this ‘Photograph’ is going to leave us with, is a matter of mystery.

With Nawazuddin, a matured and seasoned actor and Sanya, a fresh talent around, we can’t wait to watch how Ritesh Batra will unfold this ‘Photograph’ to us!

Looks like curiosity is going to kill us cats till the 8th of March.

Watch the trailer here –


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